Lenders tired of unsatisfactory results from appraisal management companies are turning to Radius Valuation. They are finding that Radius fulfills all the requirements of all Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) while providing superior valuation services and a higher level of compliance only available with a national appraisal firm.

Unlike many appraisal management companies that maintain only minimum compliance to regulations contained in Fannie, Freddie, FHA, Truth in Lending, OCC, NCUA, FIRREA, ECOA, etc., Radius Valuation maintains double the independence safeguards by employing TWO Appraiser Independence compliant fire walls as follows:

Lender / Client

FIRE WALL #1 Lender places order through Radius Secure AIR Compliant Ordering System

FIRE WALL #2 Fire Wall #1 passes order through Firewall #2 ‘Employee Management Team’

If you are a certified and FHA approved appraiser wanting to take your business to new heights, check out Radius Valuation today. But don't wait, as open positions can fill quickly! Many lenders have simply given-up the quest for better valuations and faster turn times. When you are ready to try a different, better solution for your appraisal needs, give Radius Valuation a try. You’ll experience the positive difference from the very first order!

Radius Valuation, LLC is fully compliant with all Appraiser Independence (AIR) requirements.

Please click below on the following links for reference to the particular AIR requirements: